Meet Your 24/7 AI Property Manager GPT Lab

GPT Lab's AI-powered manager handles all guest communications, bookings, concierge services, and marketing so you can relax and focus on the big picture.


Automation That Delights

Our AI manager replicates human roles to provide 24/7 service, increase ancillary sales, and automate operations.

Conversational AI

Natural interactions across Airbnb, WhatsApp, SMS, email, Instagram, and more. The future of rental management is conversational.

5-Star Service Quality

With AI consistency, no more relying on individual employee performance. GPT Lab ensures every guest receives an amazing experience.

Save Time and Money

Our AI manager replaces staffing costs and time spent managing your property so you can focus on big-picture strategy.

Secure and Private

Robust data encryption and access controls keep all guest information safe and secure.

Easy Self-Service

User-friendly platform to deploy and manage your tailored AI assistant within minutes.